You can reach us via Email here.

This website is published by Timm Roegler - Laubingerweg 13 - 50827 Cologne


The everpresent Facebook LIKE and SHARE buttons are in the footer here (scroll down) - else check our page. Since for a lot of things (like obtaining gigs) the likes on the band/page are very important, we wouldnt mind the support at all - cheap for you, very valuable for us. Especially a share let's us reach new people among your friends and that would be so nice...


Thomas as his alias Pentaman is very active on youtube and has a packed channel, many things related to Bowneck. Check it out here. The Bowneck playlist is this.


Our Myspace account is here.


We're also at Last.FM: click here!


Reverbnation got us at No.1 for the Metal Charts in Aachen recently for a couple of weeks. No idea why and how, yet check the page out anyway if you like, there is some good pictures online there and sales via that platform get partly donated to World Vision, supporting children and their education.


Timm started posting Bowneck and Drumming related stuff on his Instagram account, check it out here.

Radio Airplay

The link to the account is this.